What is Dog Food?

DogFoodCon is a two day event focused on Microsoft tools and technologies including .NET, Azure, Business Applications (O365, SharePoint, etc.), Design, Development, Infrastructure, Open Source Integration, Professional Skills, Security, SQL, Windows, and more.

Our History

Dog Food Conference was founded in 2008 as a Microsoft-centric event in Central Ohio. Dog Food’s goal is to empower local professionals to better use the wide variety of tools available to them. Attendees come from Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. In 2014, there were roughly around 800 attendees over 2 days, attending 10+ unique tracks.

Dog Food was originally held at the Microsoft building in Columbus, Ohio. Success year after year has required Dog Food to find a larger space. In 2014, Dog Food moved to the Quest Conference Center.

So Why The Name “Dog Food”?

“Eating your own dog food” is a phrase that came out of Microsoft in the ’80s. The idea is: If you make products and you expect your customers to buy them, they should be good enough for you to use too.