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For now here is a list of confirmed sessions

Dog Food 2017 Speakers

We hope you are as excited as we are to see all of the great speakers this year!


Christina Aldan is a TEDx speaker, trainer, and digital advertising consultant whose boutique agency, LG Designs, offers businesses brand consulting and creative content for everyday media. More


Angel is a founder and chapter leader for the Toledo chapter of Girl Develop It. She works as a software developer for Center for Information Management in Ann Arbor, Michigan and volunteers at non profit organizations in Toledo where she uses her skills in software and web development to meet the needs of the organizations.


Ashley McGlone is a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer, helping people learn and love automation. Ashley’s TechNet blog focuses on real-world solutions using PowerShell. On Microsoft Virtual Academy Ashley has multiple free PowerShell courses. He is a frequent speaker at PowerShell events around the United States.


Bill Sempf is a software security architect. His breadth of experience includes business and technical analysis, software design, development, testing, server management and maintenance, and security. In his 20 years of professional experience he has participated in the creation of well over 200 applications for large and small companies, managed the software infrastructure of two Internet service providers, coded complex software happily in every environment imaginable, tested the security of all natures of applications and APs, and made mainframes talk to cell phones. He is the author of C# 5 All in One for Dummies and Windows 8 Programming with HTML5 For Dummies; a coauthor of Effective Visual Studio.NET and many other books, a frequent contributor to industry magazines; and has recently been an invited speaker for the ACM and IEEE, BlackHat, CodeMash, DerbyCon, BSides, DevEssentials, the International XML Web Services Expo and the Association of Information Technology Professionals. Bill also serves on the board of the Columbus branch of the Open Web Application Security Project, is a Microsoft MVP for developer security, and is the Administrative Director of Locksport International.


Dynamics CRM TSP


Brandon is a responsible, enthusiastic and self-motivated technology and business professional recognized for an “above and beyond” work ethic and the ability to work with diverse teams.   Brandon has worked in the IT services industry for over 12 years and thrives when contributing leadership and technical competencies to a challenging and customer-oriented work environment.   Â
Brandon’s extensive background with change management, process improvements, developing and maintaining system metrics, service level agreements (SLA’s), life cycle management and large-scale data center operations lends to his passion of goal-oriented solutions.  He works extensively with client needs assessment, product specification determination and client-vendor relations.   He effectively communicates concepts and complex technical information to non-technical personnel at all levels.
Brandon’s goal is to assist organizations with implementing result oriented processes and policies to meet the needs of diverse internal as well as external customers, utilizing technological solutions. 


Brian Sherwin is a Sr. Technical Evangelist with Microsoft from Columbus, Ohio. He has been a consultant and trainer for over 20 years. More


Brian T. Jackett is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft with 12 years in the IT industry. More


Charlotte is a system scientist and tech enthusiast who loves dogs. An organizational design coach by day, she is multi-disciplined in full stack Ruby on Rails development, web-based user experience, and hardware-software integrated product management. She has presented at PyCon Education Summit 2017, AgileDC 2016, Scenic City Summit 2016, CodeMash 2016, and accepted at AgileToronto 2016. Whether it be coding or coaching, Charlotte enjoys a quality high five.


Craig Stuntz is a software engineer and a lifelong student of computer science, with specific interests in programming languages, type theory, compilers, and math. He is Technical Director for Improving in Columbus, Ohio, and cofounded the Columbus branch of Papers We Love, a reading group for people interested in academic computer science research. In the past year he has presented talks at CodeMash, Dog Food Conference, Stir Trek, and many user groups.
When not at work or playing with his kids, he is usually studying math or playing Irish traditional music on the tin whistle and wooden flute.


Dan is Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft and focuses on cloud identity and securing the enterprise. More


Doug is a Principal Consultant at Improving Enterprises in Columbus Ohio. He started developing software as a high school freshman on a TRS-80 16K. More


Drew is a Senior Database Administrator at IGS, and has been working with the Microsoft Data Platform for over 15 years. When he’s not accidentally dropping tables in production, he enjoys helping developers and analysts write faster and more efficient queries, using PowerShell to automate himself, and messing around creating IoT devices. He also is a major contributor to the awesome open source PowerShell toolkit for DBAs, dbatools (https://dbatools.io/).
Outside of work, he enjoys blogging, traveling, speaking, CrossFit, and hearing people try to pronounce his last name. He loves his dog more than he loves anything or anyone else, and isn’t ashamed of his Spotify playlist.


I currently work as a Desktop Support Specialist at the [American Printing House for the Blind](http://www.aph.org/) providing primarily production side support. I will have been there for over 2 and a half years when Dog Food Con 2017 rolls around. It has been a great learning experience and a great addition to my previous tech support experience. I am also an avid gamer. I play on both console (primarily PS4 and Switch currently) and pc (a Custom built beast). I am always looking for fun ways to increase my knowledge. My most recent venture has been to become a [Code Louisville](https://www.codelouisville.org) student learning front-end web development, with hopes to then move on to their .Net course, or Fullstack JavaScript.


Erin is a US Army Veteran, mom to two brilliant teenage boys, and Web Application Developer at [Reax](https://www.reax.io/). She helps organize [Nashville’s Ruby User Group](https://www.meetup.com/nashrb/), [Nodevember, our local JS conference](http://nodevember.org), and [BarCamp Nashville](http://www.barcampnashville.org/bcn/). Erin is a go-go-go kind of person: go getter, go-to, go team!! When she is not mentoring or hacking, she can be found transporting teenagers around Nashville.


Greg is a consummate geek who likes to live on the bleeding edge of technology. He currently gets paid to provide Enterprise Architecture consulting to clients of UST Global, an onshore/offshore solutions company. His normal duties include architectural assessments, portfolio rationalization and pre-sale engineering. His areas of concentration include SOA, microservices, DevOps, integration, monitoring and Agile development practices. Greg is also the defacto onshore Microsoft development expert in the team.
For the past six years, Greg has focused on the common problems plaguing IT departments, with the intent of finding solutions. Greg’s primary method is to examine problems from a variety of perspective, find the common patterns and then build frameworks that can work in a wide variety of organizations. He brings this same method to speaking, using analogies, abstractions and stories to simplify intermediate and advanced concepts for beginning audiences. Greg has spoken at numerous conferences and user groups across the country and generally takes a contrarian view of the silver bullets that plague the field.

When Greg is not on the road, he is working from his home office, or spending time with his wife, four daughters and his derpy dog. When not working, he can often be found seeking out another new craft beer, playing pub trivia or seeking out a geek boardgame night.


I am a server-side software engineer, currently writing and updating TUNE’s advertising analytics tracking platform. I’m passionate about architecting clean and simple software systems, while tenaciously trying to bring more empathy to the tech world. A fervent education advocate, I partner with tech education and diversity initiatives like TUNE Cares, Washington State Opportunities Scholarship, and IGNITE Worldwide. I am a world traveller, an avid (though amateur) cook and baker, and a weird workout enthusiast.


James Chittenden is a developer and is currently a pre-sales engineer for Google.


Jared is a Microsoft MVP and the VP of Technology and Solutions at HMB ([http://www.hmbnet.com](http://www.hmbnet.com)), an IT services company based out of Columbus, OH. More


I have been consulting for 10 years for a Microsoft Gold partner for all infrastructure related Microsoft technologies, specializing in datacenter, System Center, devices, and cloud. More


Jason is a technical writer and evangelist at Datadog, where he works to inspire developers and ops engineers with the power of metrics and monitoring. More


Jeff McKenzie has worked in software development for nearly twenty years, in both freelance and full-time capacities, as a developer and team leader. He enjoys helping others solve problems through technology, whether it’s the small business getting on the web for the first time, or a Fortune 500 company expanding its enterprise. Although he started his career using BASIC on an Atari 800, he took a big detour, getting Biology and English degrees before rediscovering programming, with a new thing called the World Wide Web. He is currently Principal Consultant at Cardinal Solutions Group in Columbus Ohio.


Jessica Katz is a trainer, mentor and coach helping people find and nurture their authentic selves. Through Liberated Elephant, Jessica works with individuals and teams to help them dig deep into self-discovery, and with their new knowledge, helps them find the solutions hidden within their subconscious. Her methodology is informed by Agile project management, creating a safe space for her clients to bring their full selves without judgement.
She believes that corporations and their employees are at the beginning of a culture shift from profit to purpose. As companies, teams, and individuals begin to make this transition, they are often faced with unspoken barriers. These barriers are usually known or sensed and are often called the elephant in the room. Those elephants remove a sense of psychological safety in working environments.

Jessica’s vision is that all Elephants can be acknowledged and transformed. That all work environments can be made psychologically safe. That all employees can be fully engaged and creatively solve difficult problems.


Joe is the Sr. Manager of Enterprise Collaboration at Centric Consulting, a Microsoft Managed Partner with competencies in Collaboration & Content, Cloud Platform, and Cloud Productivity. For the past 15+ years Joe has helped organizations find value in their investments in collaboration, content management, and social tools by focusing on the needs of the business and how technology can help them meet and exceed those needs. With a focus on Office 365, Joe has helped many diverse organizations work better together on the planning, deployment, governance, and support of Office 365. Joe’s experience and focus on how technology can enable business provides a unique perspective on how organizations can drive employee engagement and business value. Joe is a Microsoft certified Pre-Sales Technical Specialist for Office 365.


Jon is a Pluralsight author, ASP.NET insider, and international speaker focusing on JavaScript both in the browser and on the server. Jonathan Mills is a JavaScript and Node.js expert working in the mean stack with individuals and companies to help build their technical skills to cope with the constantly changing landscape of software development.


Education: Master of Business Administration, Ohio Dominican University; B.S. in Computer Information Management, Ohio Dominican University; PMP, Project Management Institute; ITILv3, Axelos; Support Center Manager, Help Desk Institute
Biography: Juan Torres serves as Deputy Director of Technology, for Franklin County Department of Job & Family Services. He is responsible for providing leadership for all technology delivery functions including project management, application development, infrastructure, information security, enterprise content management and service desk operations. Juan’s experience includes ten years of information technology experience in higher education and five years in government. His interests include data analytics, data-driven decision making, financial literacy and the Cleveland Indians!




Kevin is a SQL Server expert, working exclusively with the product since v6.5. With over 20 years of database experience and almost 45,000 man hours of SQL Server engine experience, he holds many related certifications, is an MCT and was a SQL Server MVP from 2007 to 2012. He has been a very successful independent consultant for 20 years. Kevin is also a very frequent speaker, having presented at many User Groups and over 100 SQL Saturday conferences! His passion is the relational engine, especially designing, building, analyzing and tuning high-performance database applications.


KEVIN MACKKevin is a Creative Director that focuses on digital strategy, branding, and innovation & creative-based solutions. His background includes creating user experiences around web interfaces and the crafting of large-scaling websites and applications. Kevin is the co-founder and organizer of The Columbus Web Group http://columbuswebgroup.com where he actively participates in growing and educating the community around design, development, best practices and standards for the web. You can find him on Twitter (@nicetransition), YouTube https://goo.gl/jrHuQH, CodePen http://codepen.io/nicetransition/, or GitHub https://github.com/kevinmack18

Sean’s a hybrid UX designer and front-end developer using psychology to solve enterprise problems with delightfully cohesive product experiences. He also just started SPJPGRD, a consulting company bringing you the smart integration of content strategy, marketing, and design systems for simple evergreen profitability. When he’s not working on the web, he’s connecting the community through Columbus Web Group, the largest most active local meetup.


Kevin is a 15 year veteran at Microsoft. He has focused most of his career on management and infrastructure technologies such as Windows Server, System Center, Azure IaaS, Azure Networking, and Operations Management Suite (OMS). More


Laura is a product owner consultant at Cardinal Solutions Group for their Columbus office.
With a diverse background in project management and content marketing, she found her passion in delivering valuable products users crave. In her new found career path in product ownership, she has worked at Nationwide Insurance and Huntington National Bank were she has driven successful implementations and fostered a new intrapreneur culture amongst the teams and divisions she worked within. Laura also is a Co-Organizer for Columbus Web Group and serves as a professional advisor for The Ohio State University’s PRSSA Chapter and Student-Run PR Firm.


Lisa Anderson is Microsoft’s US Central Region Community Program Manager & responsible for the Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals Program (MVP) and Regional Directors Program in the Central United States (all of the states in between the coasts). More


CRM Director at Socius


Lori Sites has been in the industry for over 20 years delivering projects in the .Net area on windows, web and cloud platforms. She is still having a blast learning new things every day and feels blessed to be able to have a job that can be so much fun.


Mark spent 14 years at Microsoft in both MCS and Microsoft Health teams where he helped enterprise companies implement technology to meet business requirements. Recently Mark has helped several hundred companies move to Office 365 and/or Microsoft Azure. Currently Mark is a Cloud Architect at KiZAN where his role is to help companies build their cloud strategy.


Michael is a Business Productivity Specialist for Enterprise Accounts at Microsoft. In his role, Michael works with Fortune 1000 clients to help transform their businesses to cloud-based services which deliver Microsoft’s unparalleled productivity capabilities. By offering the flexibility of the public cloud, virtualized private cloud environments, and on-premise software offerings, customers can achieve these benefits on their terms.


Software is math. Every class is a theorem. The compiler is the proof. And unit tests check our work.
Michael has recorded Pluralsight courses on CQRS, XAML Patterns, and Cryptography, in addition to Provable Code. He maintains the spoon-bending Assisticant, Correspondence, and Jinaga open-source libraries. He podcasts about the intersection between software and mathematics at qedcode.com. He has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for 6 years. And he helps his clients at Improving benefit from the power of software mathematics.


Michael Sacks is a Seattle based iOS engineer at Jane.com. His passion for mobile development started during his study of human behavior and psychology at Emory University. Michael has various apps on the app store and in development. While not programming, Michael enjoys teaching, entrepreneurship, outdoor sports, traveling, cooking, and desperately trying to make people laugh.​


Mike is a developer and leader, who is passionate about systems architecture, application lifecycle management, mobile app development with NativeScript, and technology. Mike loves teaching his two boys about science and technology, while incorporating logic, development, and electronics into weekend projects and daily play. Mike blogs with his brother, Nick Branstein at https://brosteins.com, where they are known as “the Brosteins”. Together they are co-authors of NativeScript In Action, a book focused on teaching developers how to create professional mobile apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript and TypeScript.


Software developer, hardware geek, video game enthusiast, & Clevelander at heart. Telerik Developer Expert.


Nishant is Office 365 Productivity & Security Technology Solutions Professional with US EPG. In his day-to-day work, he helps organizations modernize and transform using Microsoft technologies. In his 12+ years journey with Microsoft, Nishant held various roles with Support, Services organizations. Nishant has been a speaker at TechReady and many other internal and external conferences.


Patrick Tucker is a long-time trainer, speaker and consultant with a background in development and a focus on helping businesses get the most value from their technology. He works on the Collaboration and Enterprise Social Team as a Principal Consultant. He has been a Microsoft Certified Trainer for over 17 years and spends most of his time with SharePoint and Office 365. Patrick has spoken at SharePoint Fest, SPTechCon, Code PaLOUsa, numerous SharePoint Saturdays and DogFoodCon. He lives outside of Louisville, KY with his beautiful wife, baseball and outer space obsessed son and smelly little Beagle.


I’m a nerd. And a geek. So much so I made it a goal to work at Microsoft. Fast forward a bit and I am a Premier Field Engineer with Microsoft supporting Exchange and Exchange Online. Outside of being a professional nerd/geek (neek?) I enjoy spending time with family & friends, watch movies & television, and geek-out about computer hardware and gadgets.


Paul is the Owner/Principal Architect at Don’t Pa..Panic Consulting. Paul has almost 30 years of experience in the information technology industry, and has played key roles in several enterprise SharePoint architectural design review, Intranet deployment, application development, and migration projects. He has also been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the last 9 consecutive years and earned his Microsoft SharePoint Masters certification in 2013.Paul‘s core skills include architecting and customizing SharePoint environments both on-premises and in the cloud. Paul also has significant experience leading SharePoint migration teams, troubleshooting infrastructure issues, and evaluating SharePoint environments for adherence to “Best Practices” and industry standards. Paul has authored several books, is a frequent contributor to the Microsoft forums, and speaks at a number of community events each year.


Peter Piekarczyk is a speaker, developer and entrepreneur interested in helping people make their lives easier whether its through code or conversation.


A MicroISV owner for 11 years, Microsoft MVP for 8 years, and former Board member for INETA, Randy Walker has dedicated his life efforts towards fostering the software development community.


Richard Broida has been a software architect and consultant for Bennett Adelson since 2003 and has served as a Practice Director for Connected Systems since 2013. The Connected Systems Practice helps clients connect discrete systems to make business operations and partner interactions more agile. Richard has deep experience with Microsoft solution technologies including .NET Framework, SQL Server, BizTalk, and Azure.


Rick Vanover (Cisco Champion, MVP, vExpert) is the Director of Technical Product Marketing & Evangelism for Veeam Software based in Columbus, Ohio. Rick’s IT experience includes system administration and IT management; with virtualization being the central theme of his career recently.


Stacy Deere-Strole (MVP) is the Owner of Focal Point Solutions LLC, a Cincinnati, OH based company that provides SharePoint Solutions for the Enterprise in the mid-to-large market. More


Steve Smith (@ardalis) is an entrepreneur and software developer with a passion for building quality software as effectively as possible. More


Tameika Reed founded Women In Linux out of frustration that there were no other women or women of color represented at the workplace or tech events. Tameika is a self-taught Linux administrator who has spent countless hours helping others get started in Linux. In conjunction with the NAACP, she provides families with basic computer training and life skills. Tameika is also a consultant to the Education Foundation on how to introduce Linux and other tech careers to Florida students.


Thomas is presently serving as the Senior Application Architect for Huntington National Bank. He is responsible for the conversion from manual testing to Ruby/Cucumber automation for the entire enterprise. More


I am a Microsoft Employee with over 8 years of consulting experience and 20 years of I.T. experience. I am married with 4 children and have been married for 17 years. I have a Masters degree in Information Systems. My favorite band is a toss-up between the Eagles or AC/DC, yeah rock versus heavy metal. Traveling with my family is a favorite past time of mine. In fact, I have been in all 50 states except for 6 of them.


Tim Rayburn is a Vice President of Consulting with Improving Enterprises, a software and project management consulting company in Dallas, TX. He is a passionate advocate of apprenticeship and mentorship in corporate environments. Since 2007 he has been awarded the Microsoft MVP in recognition of his expertise and community leadership. He is also a conference organizer, an author, and can be found speaking across the nation on agile processes, software design, and career management. He lives in the North Dallas area with his amazing wife Kate and their loyal dog Gandalf.


Tommy Graves is a front-end consultant with Improving. He is passionate about JavaScript architecture as well as questions and theories revolving around how we decide which technologies are worthwhile and appropriate for use. In his free time, he enjoys reading philosophy and watching basketball with his wife.


I am a Software Engineering Manager in Huntsville, Alabama who spent most of his career as a Software Developer. I have a B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from UAH. Recently I began pursuing a second degree in Communication Studies. I have excellent communication skills and I enjoy using them. It lets me blend my technical and non-technical skills and give back by sharing what I have learned in my career and studies.
I approach every presentation I create as if it were a TED talk. Just presenting information is not enough. The information is useless to the audience unless it is presented clearly. And for any learning to occur, the audience must be paying attention. To get the information across to the listeners, I make may presentations interesting. I do this with what I say, but also with how I say it: voice, gestures, humor, stories, props, etc. My presentation slides are also designed to clearly present information and keep the audience interested. I use contemporary presentation techniques such as those taught by Nancy Duarte in _Slideology_ and Garr Reynolds in _Presentation Zen_.

__ Manager__ As a manager, I manage projects and developers. I like managing projects, but on the technical side, not just the “update task list progress” side. As part of my job as a project manager, I improved my projects process by including version control, bug tracking, continuous integration, coding standards and other software engineering techniques. I also learned and practiced leadership in Toastmasters International as a club officer and as the District Public Relations Manager for 2015-2016.

__Developer__ I have 35 years of development experience in a variety of languages, development platforms and technical areas. I have experience in object-oriented analysis, design, and programming in C++, C♯ and about a dozen other languages. My experience includes embedded software, algorithm development, hardware interfaces, motion control, TCP/IP, desktop & web applications and databases

__Speaker__ I also have training and experience in communication and leadership. In 2009, I joined SAIC Toastmasters as a charter member. Through Toastmasters I have learned and practiced public speaking. I have competed in many speech contests including the semifinals of the 2013 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking (WCPS).

I have combined my technical knowledge, experiences as a manager and skills as a public speaker to create and give presentations to various groups. I have spoken on Software Engineering, Communication, Leadership and Career topics. Because of my diverse background, I particularly enjoy teaching “soft skills” such as communication and leadership to technical people.

I do not have videos of my past conference presentations. I plan to create one at my next conference presentation in June. The only presentation I have video of is me competing in the semi-finals of the 2012 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking. It is an inspirational/motivation speech, so it may not seem applicable But, no matter the topic or type of speech, I work to keep my audience’s attention and to motivate them, even if it is just to apply what I’m teaching. https://youtu.be/y0R969QI3NQ

Some presentations I have given:

* _Leadership Lessons from Your Brain_, Devspace, October 2017
* _Leadership Lessons from Your Brain_, Youth Leadership Conference, October 2013
* _Leadership Lessons from Your Brain_, Youth Leadership Conference, October 2013
* _How to Create a Resume That Will Get You an Interview and What to Say When You Get It_, Music City Code, June 2017 (upcoming)
* _Commencement Address_, ITT Technical Institute, March 2012
* _A Practical Approach to Software Engineering_, BizTech: Hack U, April 2015
* _A Practical Approach to Software Engineering_, North Alabama Web Developers, June 2015
* _Leadership Lessons from Your Brain_, Toastmasters District 77 Conference, October 2012
* _How to Construct a Speech_, Toastmasters District 77 Conference, October 2015
* _How to Create An Effective Resume¬_, Madison Job Networking Club, April 2013
* _The Five Keys to a Successful Job Interview_¬, Madison Job Networking Club, January 2015
* _How to Make the Best Impression_¬, Madison Job Networking Club, March 2016