Cassandra Faris
Cassandra Faris is the Director of Talent Management at Improving Columbus, a software development consulting and training company. She is passionate about growing the tech community and its people. She regularly attends, speaks at, and helps organize tech events. She has an MBA in Organizational Leadership, and is an avid tabletop gamer, runner, and soccer fan who travels as much as possible.
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Trey Mayer
Agenda Lead
Portals and Collaboration Practice Lead, has been with HMB for more than three years and has extensive knowledge working with organizations to help bridge their business with technology. Mayer specializes in Enterprise productivity and collaboration and has helped organizations of all sizes improve their productivity. Mayer has worked with numerous clients including Fortune 500, Privately held, State and Local Governments, Non-Profits and International organizations. In 2016 Mayer was selected as one of Top 20 People to know in Technology.
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Tony Milne
Tony Milne is the Director, Applications Development at Washington Prime Group, member of the board for the Dog Food Conference in Columbus Ohio, and is passionate about building solutions for business problems. With over a decade of experience, Tony has architected and developed application and BI solutions for various industries. When he’s not focusing on his day-to-day, Tony is learning and enjoys speaking to help spread the word on the latest technologies and practices.
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Emery Jordan
Emery Jordan is award-winning leader, strategist and trainer, who achieves results by building strong partnerships, identifying problems and constructing and implementing innovative technical and business solutions. He is currently a Technical Account Manager for Microsoft, where he is a trusted business advisor providing guidance around operations, incident resolution, change and project management and business and technical optimization of their IT infrastructure, development, and cloud investments. In addition to his experience in the IT industry, he has also worked in education, promotional marketing, retail, financial services, logistics, distribution and construction. When not working, Emery is a devoted husband, father, athlete and community servant. He has been married to his wife, Stephenie for 11 years, with 3 birth children and one foster child. He is currently training for his first triathlon, and has a huge passion for basketball and softball. Moreover, he coaches youth basketball, softball, and soccer. Finally, Emery is very active creating and executing community service projects, including developing a Columbus Minority Student Day for Microsoft, and leading school supply and shoe drives for impoverished children, and volunteering at Senior Citizen Housing facilities with his Church family.
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Christopher Sauer
Christopher is a Full Stack .NET Web Developer and loves it! The process of meeting with people to gather requirements for a project, spec'ing out the code, database, and timeline, then actually developing it, while gathering feedback at key steps, and then releasing/supporting these web applications is so rewarding!
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