Ian PhilPot 

Senior Developer Evangelist

I work with emerging technologies. I use the full stack development skills I’ve cultivated over 15 years to work across functional areas, domains, and disciplines. I focus on using proven patterns and practices to ensure the adoption of these technologies is seamless and unobtrusive.

I’ve worked on Emmy award winning projects and helped customers around the globe to build scalable distributed systems. Cloud technologies, DevOps, and Automation are my focus and passion.

Right now I’m focused on building distributed microservices using technologies like Docker and Node.js. These systems deploy and scale themselves. I’m also researching Bots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence and how to integrate them into existing systems.

When I’m not behind a computer you’ll find me on a trail running, riding my bike, or hiking with the kids.

Emerging Technologies and Thinking Different
October 6, 2017
Columbus Room
08:25 AM  -  09:40 AM