Visual Studio Team Services for Enterprises – Moving beyond 5 free users

October 5, 2017


David Buckingham

Custom Application Development Practice Lead

1:00 PM  -  2:00 PM
Westerville Room

With Visual Studio Team Services, development teams no longer need to piece-meal their tech stack for source control, requirements management, automated builds, release management, and more. As Microsoft’s hosted instance of Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Team Services provides an low-barrier to entry for small teams of developers, but how can an organization leverage it’s power while maintaining some balance of security and control? Come learn how enterprise teams can get up and running with Team Services beyond the first five free users!

While standing up a new account is a breeze, managing billing for charges such as additional users, concurrent build and release pipelines, extensions, etc. requires a bit more effort. Additionally, at enterprise-scale, we should manage identities in a central manner: not relying on personal Microsoft accounts. In this talk we will discuss what is free and how costs are incurred, as well as how those costs can be managed.

Additionally, we will configure our Team Services account to be backed by an Azure Active Directory and manage access to our Team Projects with Users and Groups.