Machine Learning for Fun – Finding Bigfoot with the Nexosis API

October 5, 2017


Guy Royse

Developer Evangelist

3:20 PM  -  4:20
Polaris Room

Bigfoot has been a staple of American folklore since the 19th century. The stories originate from Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest and likely go back centuries or more. The term sasquatch itself is an Anglicized derivative of the Halkomelem word sásq’ets. Many people are convinced that Bigfoot is real. Others suggest that he is a cultural phenomenon. Some just want to believe. There is even a group, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, that tracks Bigfoot sightings. They have data— thousands of reports—available on the Internet. And, where there is data, we can apply the power of machine learning. Let’s get to the bottom of this mystery! To do it, we are going to use the Nexosis Machine Learning API which makes it easy for developers to focus on their applications instead of the details of data science. With the API, we’ll forecast the predicted number of sightings for the coming months and years. We’ll also measure the impact of key cultural phenomena—primarily the airing of the X-Files—on Bigfoot sightings. So, come and learn how easy it is to use our API, the types of problems you can solve with it, and how to use it in your application over HTTP or from your favorite programming language. There will even be a live demo. The truth is out there.