Lessons from the field, Windows 10 deployment

October 5, 2017


Curtiss Adams

Practice Lead of Enterprise Systems Management

2:10 PM  -  3:10 PM
Dublin Room

As of July 2017 Windows 10 has been “in the wild” for 2 years, and a wild two years it has been! The purpose of this session is to explore Windows 10 imaging lessons learned and will cover a wide range of topics including: + New features and functionalities within the OS that inform our delivery options + Exploring and learning from common mistakes in OS imaging and deployment processes + New and/or improved deployment solutions and how best to leverage them + Optimizing your deployment

This 45min session will be presented by Curt Adams, Practice Lead of Enterprise Systems Management with KiZAN Technologies. With over 16 years’ experience managing and deploying Windows OS’s Curt has seen everything from smooth migrations to learning opportunities alike. Learn from his experiences, and gain insights into Windows 10 deployment highs and lows.