Build Your Own Teenage Daughter with Alexa and Azure Functions

October 5, 2017


Ryan Miller

Principal Consultant

11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
Westerville Room

Anyone with a 14 year old at home knows that life is awful (because we are lucky enough to be told on a regular basis.) However, sometimes you may find yourself sans-teenager either because your teenager isn’t around or you have no teenager of your own (*sigh* poor you). In those teen-less times, who can you count on to remind you that life is so utterly unbearable? Who will tell you how much everything sucks? Fear not: with the proper skill, Alexa can help. In this session, we’ll see what it takes to build an Alexa Skill called Teenage Daughter. The code is C# and the service host is Azure Functions. We’ll cover Custom Slots, Intent Schema, Utterances, and Testing; we’ll delve into Azure Functions and how to create multiple environments to keep our production instance separate from development instance; and we’ll cover any other tips and tricks that I’ve learned while creating my Teenage Daughter, which can be found at